Our Spring/Summer /19 offerings:

Our signature Orleans Collection, offers a range of colors, from a bold pop of mustard to the palest of blue pebble.  As a minimalist but sporty contrast, lucque’s trademark hand stitching uses metallic threads and strong contrasts such as bright orange thread on pastel blue pebble leather.  The fresh look of playful color contrast is the focal point on this Orleans collection as the shapes have hardware- free flaps for the season.  

 For the Metro II Collection, lucque bows to the surge of 80s mod style that is happening on the street:  funky cube shapes and mini
duffles, with retro contrast piping as the primary detail.  Offered in a luxurious, smooth nappa leather with contrast color blocking. 

Our newest addition, Les Fleurs,  is a modern take on a western vibe: debossed and etched floral patterns. Continuing our affair with metallic this season, Les Fleurs leather is treated with a hand rubbed, light metallic glaze that is just enough for the trend yet will wear through the years.  All are offered in colors of bronzed brown, pearlized soft mandarin, black and metallic glazed turquoise.  The western floral is a classic but the shapes and colors are 2019 modern.  

Enjoy your Lucque.

Designer Susan Paillassou

As an artist, Susan Paillassou has spent years working in a variety of media, from painting and sculpting,  mosaics, textiles and fibers, to illustration and interior design.  In 2014, she decided to make the handbag her canvas.

 A native of Chicago, Susan has lived abroad and ultimately settled in Los Angeles.  “Seeing the world is a way to continue to feed a creative appetite.  I love collecting anything that is indigenous to a culture, whether tribal and ancient relic, or contemporary pop and urban street.  Ultimately those experiences inform my design sensibility—both conscious and unconscious.”

The idea of Lucque came into being one day as Susan connected with a woman who supplied leather to one of the most exclusive home design showrooms in the country.  As she studied the magnificent collection of leather for wall treatments, floors and furnishings, she was in awe of the treatments applied to the hides.

There were floral embossings, hand-painted prints and filigreed paisleys carved into beautiful, soft leather—in colors so rich you could eat them.  Her first reaction was, “I want a bag out of this.  And this.  And this!”

Realizing that no one was going to do “this”, Susan decided she had to do it herself.  She wanted to make her own personalIT bag.  A “ME”  bag.  Thus, the life of Lucque had begun; a journey to create a beautiful bag in design and artistry.

All of Lucque’s leather is imported from the finest Italian tanneries.  Lucque’s designs and colors can be carried year round and worn with all styles.  Our bags are proudly hand crafted in Los Angeles, by masters in the industry who have made handbags for some of the most prominent fashion houses.

Designer Susan Paillassou, ©2014

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