lucque's Debut Trunk Show

Lucque's Lucky Tote in Cobal Calf Hair

To all the women who came to the lucque launch party, this is a heartfelt thank you for your support and enthusiasm.

Prior to the event, I thought I was in the business of selling handbags for my love of design and passion for bags.  But at the launch, there was an even bigger joy from the creation of lucque bags:  hanging out with fabulous women.

 I kicked off lucque at my home, and from the moment the first person arrived before noon, till the last group that left late at night, it was intimate and personal.

As women of very different and fascinating backgrounds filled the rooms with a collective confidence, I was reminded of the sheer power of women coming together.  Here, we bonded over all things feminine.  Old friends reconnected, new friendships were made and everyone talked over each other’s compliments.  It felt good to be a part of such warmth and laughter and spirit. 

Exotic treatments in Italian leathers: embossed croc, and cobalt and cerulean calf hair.

Ladies, we are more than the sum of our lucque handbags; we are formidable.  

The launch was a big success, much more than the scores and scores of handbags sold.  And now I’m off to deliver a car full of handbags to a women’s shelter, where that group of women can come together for some laughter and then support each other on the next leg of their journey -- and acknowledge the strength it took to get there.

The punchline of this blog is that what started out as a purely business affair of launching my line of handbags turned into a moment where it was wonderful to celebrate life as a woman, with women!  To be part of the club where the members don’t tell you that you look fat, but they rave about your new hair color instead! 

(Note to self:  I must do these parties more often.)  Enjoy your lucque!  Xo

An elegant display of Paris Totes and a Rousseau Satchel.