Lucque at the Golden Door Spa

If I have to travel to do a trunk show, it might as well be to the renowned Golden Door, famous many decades for its vast grounds, unearthly peacefulness, authentic Japanese gardens, farm- to- table gourmet cuisine and highly trained staff.  They are the caretakers of body, mind and spirit.

Amid coromandel screens, delicate rice papers and silks, authentic Japanese artifacts that could fill a small museum, and magnificent old wood warmly wrapping the walls and ceilings, I made myself at home along with Lucque sales reps.  This was no department store trunk show. 

As a team, Lucque was paired with noted jewelry designer Nancy Phillips and together we showed fall / winter styles from our lines.  Nancy specializes in 18k gold pieces, and hunts for special stones in Thailand to add to her intricate designs.  Along with Nancy, Lucque handbags were woven into the landscape of the upscale boutique. 


Admittedly, I was not so prepared to leave the world behind for 4 days, so when I discovered no TV in the room and realized the property was not exactly in a big cell area, panic set in.  The first two days I spent pacing around the grounds trying to find the exact latitude and longitude that would hold a signal to reach my chaotic life in Los Angeles.  No such spot.  Could I possibly live so quietly without all of that noise and news and barrage of emails?  Could I re-create the era prior to instant global access without anxiety attacks?  Well, it was a rhetorical question anyway, because I had no choice but to meditate with silence in a gloriously beautiful setting. 

And by day 3, decompression was complete, and I spent more time getting to know the guests and talking bags and the art of relaxation after a long morning hike.  (If I had an iPad, I would have added my surroundings to Pinterest!)

In the end, I don’t remember how many bags were sold, but I remember that I enjoyed doing it at the Golden Door.  Thanks for your hospitality!

Moral of the blog:  unplug thyself from the civilized world and just breathe.  Phones NOT required.