I never liked the term Black Friday.  It sounds negative and ominous, like the stock market crash of '89, even though in this case it means the day retailers traditionally go in the black.  And yet, like an annual pilgrimage to Mecca, shoppers flock to stores by the millions on the day after Thanksgiving, to buy gifts and save dollars.  That’s a positive right?  Unless you're stuck in the stampede to the door!

So although lucque is not going to follow this charming, all-American, apple-pie tradition of Black Friday, we are going to offer a sale of fall / winter handbags, and encourage sales for us and savings for you.  On December 1, officially the month of Christmas, Hannukah, company parties and year-end bonuses, selected lucque bags will go on sale.  So check back on the lucque site throughout the month of December and give yourself and others some old fashioned holiday cheer and indulge in the American pastime of year-end sales.  Enjoy your lucque and enjoy your savings and most especially, enjoy the holiday season with the ones you love most.

Have fun treasure hunting for the sales sprinkled throughout the site and drink your egg nog responsibly!