Women Know

This photo shoot is a tribute to the little girl in us and the little girls we love.

We start early and we don’t even realize it.  It’s a natural born urge and innate talent to know exactly how to hold a bag; how to pose with a bag.  No training, no instruction necessary.  As women, every cell of ours is filled with instinct, and every decision — conscious or not — is in some part based on a “je ne sais quoi” intuition that can’t possibly be explained.  WE JUST KNOW.

Cleo, Harper and Juno.  These beautiful girls showed me and reminded me of the power of female instinct:  when we did this very impromptu photo shoot with their mother, Vivica, there was virtually no camera direction given.  Yet in a very easy manner, they focused in on the bags they wanted to hold, and they magically turned toward the camera and posed as if they were models for Gucci.  They each held the bags as if they were precious packages that gave them a feeling of confidence. 

The most beautiful thing to see?  They posed proud; proud of themselves!  They posed with satisfaction and as if they were presenting themselves and the bags to us.  They showed a natural feminine coy expression AND serious attitude.  They showed grace in every move that will eventually grow into the grace of a woman —just like Vivica.

As Vivica moved into her professional yoga poses, the girls fell into her rhythm of movements and soon all four of them were in the lens together.  All natural.  All un-directed. 


And aren’t we lucky.

Enjoy your lucque and tap into your feminine instincts everyday….