Lucque’s Spring / Summer bags are arriving soon, and we will show them on the website by mid April.  We will also release some pre Fall 2015 bags — because thankfully -- many of these bags are seasonless, something I always consider important when I'm in the market for major $ wardrobe investments.  I'm sure you have already noticed the early summer releases from major brands, and the colors are fabulous:  light blueberry, lavender, sailor blues, white, white and more white, minty greens and turquoise.   My inspiration for this new season has moved toward nature’s neutrals:  terracotta, dark moss, brown clay, wheat, sand, and a golden olive oil hue from the Med.  They look great together for a quiet sophistication;  they thrill when paired with bright whites and blues, or dusty tones of blue and mauve.  So if you are keeping your palette soft this spring, these neutrals handbags will look fresh and add importance to your pastels.  If your seasonal colors are highly saturated and eye-popping, Lucque’s neutrals will be a great companion for balance.  But most of all, these beautiful neutrals, found in the nature of desert and mountain, translate well into Fall of next year. 

Lucque’s newest shapes run from the largesse of totes, to sweet and small shoulder day-bags.  We stressed the artisan look of large top-stitched leather, handmade hooks, woven handles, torn flaps, raw edges laced together, natural horn, horsehair tassels and handblown beads.   A new Lucque bag is soft with the gentle draping of calf skin.   And we have a few handbags that stand at attention for those who are partial to more structure.

Get ready for a fun collection, and enjoy your Lucque.